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Glass Bevel Machine JB371,JB471

2012-12-22 1:16:36

Chinese leading manufacturer for Ball Bearing Construction.

Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine    Item NO.: JB371 ,  JB471

                                                        Ball Bearing Construciton


1.  Main convey system adopts chainless ball bearing construction.
2.  Patented "front conveyor beam" can adjusted to be upwards, downwards, forwards, backwords automatically by PLC to suit for different glass sizes.
3.  Frequency converter adjust the working speed.
4.  Both washing and grinding system of rear plates ensure the accuracy of the back conveyor beam.

Wheels Distribution (JB371, JB471)

Wheels Distribution (JB372, JB472)


The benefit of ball bearing construction

1. Min. Glass 25*25mm.  
2. Max. Bevel Width 60mm.
3. For big, heavy, thick, long glass.
4. Better beveled diagonal.
5. Better beveled straight Line.
6. More spindles for better polishing.
7. Machine stable more than 10 years.
8. Easy for maintenance.

Comparison - Chain construction : Ball Bearing construction

Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine
Ball bearing

Bevel Degree: 3~20°3~45°
Min. glass size:100*100mm


Glass thickness:



Max. width of bevel:


Beam, base & stand column

Steel Plate

casting iron

Glass Sample:


       Maximum bevel width 60mm                                                        Minimum glass size 25*25mm  

Ball Bearing Transmission Construction: