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Glass Horizontal Drilling Machine JSD1800, JSD2200

2013-1-10 11:34:17

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Glass Horizontal Drilling Machine  Item NO.:JSD1800,   JSD2200

                                                             single drill bit construction    

1. Description:

1.1 Easy to drill holes on the glass sheets, well equipped with upper and lower drilling bits.

1.2 An automatic cylinder drives the lower-drill-bit while the upper bit is operated manually.

1.3 Holes of different sizes can be achieved with bits of different diameters.

1.4 Works efficiently, low glass damage rate, easy to operate.

2. Technical Parameters

2.1. Hole Diameter: φ5-φ220mm

2.2. Glass thickness range: 3 ~20 mm

2.3. Max. size of Processing glass:

       Item NO.: JSD1800:  2700×1800mm

      Item NO.: JSD2200:  2700×2200mm

2.4. Height of Working Table: 1000mm

2.5. Distance between drilling center and back column:1300 mm

2.6. Hole at drilling axis and drilling bit connection end: taper k=60°, screw hole G1/2

2.7. Size: 750×2200×1700mm (L×W×H)

       2200×2500×1700mm (with floating working table)

2.8. Weight: 1200KG (with floating working table)

2.9. Power: 4.95Kw (with air compressor 1.5kw)

3. Glass sample: