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Glass Shape Edging Machine

2013-1-10 11:05:12

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Glass Shape Edging Machine  Item NO.:JXY


JYX Glass Shape Edging Machine is suitable for processing glass of round shape edge, oval shape, and  any other irregular glass shape with various size and thickness.It can be process the round & oval shape glass semi-automatically. It adopts the different wheels to processing different shape like semicircular, flat edge and OG edge etc. It can bevel glass if adopt a cup shape wheel and  adjust the angle of motor.

Technical parameter
1. Processing thickness:                   3~40mm
2. Dia:                                    100~2200mm
3. Max. width of bevel:                    35mm
4. Bevel degree:                           0°~45°
5. Degree of vacuum should be reached:      -0.08MPa~-0.1MPa
6. Water pressure:                         0.1MPa~0.2MPa
7. Air source pressure:                    0.6MPA~0.8MPa
8. Rotating speed of working table:        0.3rpm~3rpm
9. Rotating speed of independent turn plate: 0.7rpm~7rpm
10. Min. incurvature radius:               R100mm
11. Max. rotating radius:                  1500mm
12. Height of working table:               1100mm
13.Weight:                                 900KG
14.Power:                                  3.92KW
15.Size:                                   1100*1100*1800mm

Shape work

JYX glass shape edging machine

Edge work: