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1991, Juesi started from machine spare parts processing, produces front and back beam, base and stand columns for the big glass machine factories in Guangdong province.

2007, Juesi start to produce ball bearing glass beveling machine, integrate the machining technology and advantage, we take the very primary control on the machine quality right from the spare parts to the whole machine installation.

Currently,as one of the largest "Ball Bearing Construction" glass machinery in Foshan (China), our very strongest part is manufacturing Ball Bearing Beveling & Edging Machines, with the mission of facilitating global glass machine business more efficiently, more effectively, JUESI Glass Machinery is striving for providing global buyers with the high-end glass machine and quality one-stop service. For the past years, we have been dedicated to the glass machine industry, our personal serves buyers from all over the world, we have earned good reputation and credibility from many glass processing enterprises who are willing to participate in building the long-term business partnership with JUESI and to make more achievements

JUESI glass machines include:
*Unilateral Ball Bearing Glass Machine Series: 1. beveling; 2. edging; 3. miter edging.
*Bilateral Glass Edger Series: glass double edging machine;
*Small Glass Machine Series: 1. washing; 2. drilling; 3. sandblasting; 4. shape edging;

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Zak Glass Technology Expo 2013

11th international trade fair on glass production, processing, technology and products.

* Time: During December 12th~15th,, 2013, Mumbai India.

* Brief: The expo has been attracting hundreds of exhibitors from over 22 countries today. The expo has evolved into an annual destination for exhibitors and thousands of visitors from the glass and glazing industry to interact and boost their presence in the category. The display profile includes finished products, accessories and machineries.

China Glass Expo 2013

24th China international glass industrial technical exhibition

* Time: During May 24th ~27th , 2013, Beijing China

* Brief: China Glass 2013, held in May in Beijing,attracted more than 860 companies,including 230 international companies, from 33 countries to demonstrate their preponderant products and technologies through this platform. The number of exhibiting countries reaches 30 for the first time, indicates of increasing international influence of the China Glass Industry. The four-day fair attracted greatvisitor participation, and nearly 30,000 professional visitors from over 80countries.

China Glass Expo 2014

25th China international glass industrial technical exhibition

* Time: During April 14th ~17th,2014,Shanghai China



Company History

1991, After Chinese Opening-up Policy, a young and promising engineer Yonglun Chen resigned from a state-owned enterprise, with his rich experience and knowledge, he started a 6-person small factory for machine spare parts processing, experienced all the technology and business in person.

1998, Juesi produced front and back beam, base and stand columns for the glass machine factories, including the most of the big famous companies in Guangdong province.

2007, Juesi start to produce our first ball bearing glass beveling machine by employing the best engineers and workers from the industry, we take the very primary control on the machine quality right from the spare parts to the whole machine installation.

2008, JUESI added product line for glass double edging machine.

2010, JUESI held a press conference to celebrate the production of 100th ball bearing glass beveling machine.

2011, The survey from China Fiber Glass Association claims that JUESI ball bearing beveling machine sales quantity is the largest in Guangdong China.

2011, JUESI Export Sales Department is established.

Ball Bearing Benifits

Why They Choose Ball Bearing System for Glass Bevel & Polish?

Nowaday,chainless ball bearing transmission system is admitted as the best system for glass edging machine, particularly for the glass beveling machine.It is suitable for high class glass wall decoration, art glass, luxuary glass shop decoration, high class glass furnitures, etc. Why it always connects with high-standard glass proccessing?    

Why? because it ensures super accurate glass size.

How? briefly, because it clamps the glass tightly and conveys it smoothly.and  

How comes this tightness and smoothness? because it applys ball bearings.

1. Tightness.

When the glass is under processing, this system ensures two thick rubber pads clamps the

glass from both sides,the strength to clamp the glass is evenly dispersed to 5 ball bearing pieces behind every rubber pads, all the bearing pieces disperse the strength to the stronge casting convyor.So the glass goes inside the beveling machine tightly and stably.


2. Smoothness.

Ball bearing system conveys the glass smoothly without trembling,other than friction forward as chain transmissio machine does.

The benefits of ball bearing.

Ball Bearing main function is to minimize any friction caused by any relative movement of two or more objects, in order to reach the maximum efficiency of energy usage, it aims minimize the"converted to heat" energy.Rolling bearings have the following advantages:

•Low starting moment.
•Low friction at all speeds.
•Low energy consumption.
•High reliability.  
•Low consumption of lubricant.
•Long relubrication intervals.
•Easy to mount and dismount.

This is JUESI company's ball bearing system

Ball Bearing System

Construction Comparison:

1. Ball Bearing System:  

Nowadays, ball bearing system glass machine is admitted as the very excellent one, particularly for the glass beveling machine. It applies ball bearing on the front and back conveyor, when grinding and polishing, maximumly  reduce friction, maintain very stable position and rectilinear motion between all the wheels and the glass, sustain high accuracy, stable accuracy and efficiency even under hard workload.

Our ball bearing machine have wheels  up to 14 pieces, for much better polishing quality, one example is edging machine Item: JSE383, beveling machine Item: JB472


2. Chain system:  Chain construction glass machines are transmitted by chain, its working theory is to apply chain to drag glass forwards.
Chain slides on the conveyor generates inevitable friction and vibration, theoretically, chain machines can not have too many spindles, more
spindles the conveyor will be longer thus the chain will cause more vibration and unstability, it is not capable for grinding big heavy thick glass.


The benefit of ball bearing system machine is as below which the chain machine can't reach:

1. Min. Glass 25*25mm.

2. Max. Bevel Width 60mm.

3. For big heavy thick glass.

4. Better beveled diagonal.

5. Better beveled straight Line.

6. More spindles for better polishing.

7. Machine stable more than 10 years.

8. Easy for maintenance.

Comparison between Chain construction and Ball Bearing construction:  

Beveling machine

Chain construction

Ball Bearing

Bevel Degree:

3 ~ 20

3 ~ 45

Min processing size:



Max. width of bevel:

35 mm

60 mm

Processing thickness:



Beam, base & stand column

Steel Plate

casting iron

Edging machine

Chain construction

Ball Bearing

Work Speed for glass T=10mm


2.5~3.0 m/min

Min. glass size:



Glass thickness:



Bottom Margin Grinding from one glass end to another end



Beam, base & stand column

Steel Plate

casting iron

After sales


JUESI Glass Machinery Co., Ltd - manufacturing machinery & providing after-sales to the glass processing industries. We are strongly focused on providing excellent customer service levels and fully understand the importance of uptime, quality and production. All requests for services including emergency breakdown assistance are directed through professional after-sales team which ensures a quick response, professional advice & solutions. Please send us e-mails and we will reply within 24 hours.E-mail: service@juesiglass.com  Tel: +86-757-22262771

Because we really care!!

JUESI Glass Machinery will continue to provide the high quality machines as well as market leading service care, which covers customers prior needs. Our service care system has recently undergone many improvements. JUESI Glass Machinery intends to expand its operation and secure agreements with customers, giving them a much greater range of service as well as spare parts support.

Before each requested service we discuss any matters that require attention so these can be rectified during scheduled visits. A service kit which includes recommended spare parts is provided for each service and replaced during the visits if they are deemed as required. This is the basis of our pro-active maintenance and proves to be an investment not only for a machines lifetime but for good customer care and relations.Our contracted services are performed as per our OEM programmed maintenance sheets and provide professional servicing and calibrations to critical areas of the machinery. After each service visit a discussion about requirements and repairs is made with the customer providing you with a pro active approach to each machines condition. We provide our contracted customers with preferential treatment during breakdown situations and offer various other benefits. Each contract is tailored and specific to each customer if you require further information please use the contact form provided. Alternatively please contact service@juesiglass.com


Machine Warranty:

1. The Seller guarantees that this quoted equipment to be supplied by him shall be completely new and in excellent quality, and that the choice of the goods shall meet the requirements of the operation and also are conform to the stipulations in technical description to this quotation for a period of 12 months from date of installation, but not more than 15months from date of delivery. During the warranty period, if any parts damaged because of quality, the Seller will send parts in free of charge to replace the damaged parts, in case the Buyer required the Seller to send the technician to his factory, the cost for round air tickets, lodgings, hotel, transportation and food will be on the account of the Buyer.

2. All the interventions, caused by incorrect manoeuvres or maintenance on the machine, will be invoiced (full price) to the Purchaser for all materials, working hours and required costs.

3. If minor defects are found in the goods during the installation period and the guarantee period, the Buyer shall be entitled to eliminate the defects himself, with the Seller consent in advance.

4. This warranty does not include the normal wear and tear.

Quality Control

When it comes to quality, we are unyielding. Moreover our R & D personnel realize that innovation and excellence is the key to the future. The positive impact of ISO 9001 accreditation has assisted us in our ongoing quest to drive down costs and raise quality levels, ultimately translating into more competitive prices to the benefit of our customers.From incoming raw materials to outgoing finished glass machine we employ very strict quality controls to ensure that all components in our glass machines meet the desired standards. We continually test components and raw materials in our well equipped laboratory.
Globally, the competitive tempo is quickening. Consumers demand even more from their products and legislation requires products to be effective and stable.

Commitment to Quality
Juesi's philosophy is to produce every glass machine by heart, to offer clients with better after-sales service! Customers' satisfaction is Juesi's eternal task. Juesi commits to precisely identify the needs and demands of customers, reacts promptly to every problem that clients meet, offer them superior quality products according to their expectations. Customers' problems are Juesi's challenges, for which we are aspired to offer innovative, cost-effective and dependable technology which fully fits for the purpose intended. Juesi appreciates every customer's new idea and advice as well as pursues friendly win-win partnership, our customers are our strategic partners with whom we work closely to seek solutions which will add value to their own products and reputations.

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