Ball Bearing Benifits

Why They Choose Ball Bearing System for Glass Bevel & Polish?

Nowaday,chainless ball bearing transmission system is admitted as the best system for glass edging machine, particularly for the glass beveling machine.It is suitable for high class glass wall decoration, art glass, luxuary glass shop decoration, high class glass furnitures, etc. Why it always connects with high-standard glass proccessing?    

Why? because it ensures super accurate glass size.

How? briefly, because it clamps the glass tightly and conveys it smoothly.and  

How comes this tightness and smoothness? because it applys ball bearings.

1. Tightness.

When the glass is under processing, this system ensures two thick rubber pads clamps the

glass from both sides,the strength to clamp the glass is evenly dispersed to 5 ball bearing pieces behind every rubber pads, all the bearing pieces disperse the strength to the stronge casting convyor.So the glass goes inside the beveling machine tightly and stably.


2. Smoothness.

Ball bearing system conveys the glass smoothly without trembling,other than friction forward as chain transmissio machine does.

The benefits of ball bearing.

Ball Bearing main function is to minimize any friction caused by any relative movement of two or more objects, in order to reach the maximum efficiency of energy usage, it aims minimize the"converted to heat" energy.Rolling bearings have the following advantages:

•Low starting moment.
•Low friction at all speeds.
•Low energy consumption.
•High reliability.  
•Low consumption of lubricant.
•Long relubrication intervals.
•Easy to mount and dismount.

This is JUESI company's ball bearing system