Company History

1991, After Chinese Opening-up Policy, a young and promising engineer Yonglun Chen resigned from a state-owned enterprise, with his rich experience and knowledge, he started a 6-person small factory for machine spare parts processing, experienced all the technology and business in person.

1998, Juesi produced front and back beam, base and stand columns for the glass machine factories, including the most of the big famous companies in Guangdong province.

2007, Juesi start to produce our first ball bearing glass beveling machine by employing the best engineers and workers from the industry, we take the very primary control on the machine quality right from the spare parts to the whole machine installation.

2008, JUESI added product line for glass double edging machine.

2010, JUESI held a press conference to celebrate the production of 100th ball bearing glass beveling machine.

2011, The survey from China Fiber Glass Association claims that JUESI ball bearing beveling machine sales quantity is the largest in Guangdong China.

2011, JUESI Export Sales Department is established.